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of smart fashion
We connect people to their clothing. Let us help tell your story.
Our smart tags make it easy to spot counterfeits, ensuring your customers get the genuine products that they want.
a story
Connected Clothing
Detailed information is only a tap away. Our app allows users to access the history behind each piece in their closet, helping brands tell their story like never before.
build your
Features such as closet statistics and in-app achievement progression encourage users to interact with brands and collect more items to grow their closet.
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How it works

Open the Scanner

Tap the NFC icon inside the LNK app on your mobile device to begin the scanning process

Scan a Tag

Locate the correct place to scan by finding a LNK or NFC logo, or by following instructions given by the clothing manufacturer. Touch your mobile device to the LNK tag just like you would when using tap to pay

Add to Your Closet

Claim the scanned item by tapping "add to your closet". Items that are owned by someone else cannot be added to your closet
is a smart  clothing Service  Provider
Brands integrate our NFC-based tags during the manufacturing process, unlocking a wide range of forward-thinking features for customers to access by adding clothing to their virtual closet inside the LNK app.
Brands apply our NFC-based tags to their clothing during the manufacturing process.
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